Active Travel Sub-Committee

Published: 27 January 2022

At the Full Council meeting held on Monday 24th January 2022, it was resolved to change the Active Travel, Pedestrian and Transport Working Group to a sub-committee of the People and Places Committee. This change will allow all Councillors to be a part of the discussion, and will ensure that members of the public can continue to work with the Council on all matters relating to active travel in Monmouth.

This decision was made to ensure that all Town Councillors and members of the public remain fully informed and a part of recommendations made regarding active travel in our town.

Concerns have been raised regarding the potential lack of public involvement as a result of the change. Those who have attended Town Council meetings will be aware that there is the opportunity for public participation at every meeting. This will be the same for the Active Travel Sub-Committee and it is hoped that those who have supported the group to date, will continue this support with the sub-committee.

The Town Council remains fully committed to working with Monmouthshire County Council in respect of current and future consultations, with groups such as Sustrans and with projects such as the Wye Pedestrian Bridge. More importantly, the Council believes that this change will enable the views of the local residents to be better and more fully represented when considering active travel in Monmouth.

The Council thanks those Councillors and members of the public that were committed members of the working group and looks forward to further developing the working relationship as a part of the sub-committee.