Contact Monmouth Town Council

 Please note that officers are still working from home during the week but are in the office for limited hours when the Shire Hall is open to public.

Town Clerk and RFO (Job Share): Paula Hartley and Caitlin Williams 

You can contact the council via the Town Clerks using the following information:

Monmouth Town Council, Shire Hall, Agincourt Square, Monmouth, NP25 3DY
01600 732722

Please note that if you need help with Benefits, Highways, Recycling or Waste please call 01633 644 644 for Monmouthshire County Council as they manage these services.

The Shire Hall is owned by the County Council, accessible to all and DDA compliant. You can usually visit us in person at Shire Hall during opening hours:

Monday 11am to 3pm
Tuesday 11am to 3pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 10am to 12noon (Telephone only)
Friday 11am to 3pm

Monmouthshire Town Hall

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