New Town Clerk Appointed

Published: 10 May 2021

Monmouth Town Council has appointed Paul Morgan as the new Town Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) to take the Council forward in a new direction.

Mr Morgan comes to the Town Council with considerable senior management experience having served 17 years with the RAF finishing his career as a Squadron Leader and more recently managing a medical practice and an architect’s practice. The Council is pleased to welcome Paul who will bring a fresh approach to the Council’s operations helping to shape a new outward facing, more efficient and relevant organization focused on delivering real benefits to the community.

Living locally, he also has a keen interest in matters affecting the community and his knowledge of the local area will be extremely useful to the role.
The Council recognizes that he will need sector specific training and the Locum Clerk, who has a wealth of experience, has been asked to stay on for a short period to assist with the induction, training and handover.