Town Alterations

Published: 25 June 2020

monmouth town alterations posterPhase 1

- full traffic closure of Monnow street (except construction traffic exiting St John Street) for up to 6 weeks.
- Access through St John Street to Monnow Street will be closed
- Two-way traffic will be permitted from the bus station towards Blestium Street. 

Phase 2 

- A one-way system through Agincourt Square, into Monnow Street as far as the bus station. Two-way traffic from the bus station towards Blestium Street. St.John Street will be reopened. 
-Changes to St Thomas' roundabout will be trialled, creating a pedestrian area outside the Green Dragon pub.
- No vehicular access from Goldwire Lane into St. Thomas Roundabout.
- A 20mph zone will be introduced covering the whole of Monmouth and Wyesham (excl. A40, A466, A4136).

All changes are part of a trial. We will be seeking live feedback and will add to, change or remove measures as appropriate, adapting and improving as we go. If some of the changes are successful, we will consider making them permanent, following future consultation.