IT Support and Maintenance

Published: 29 September 2020

Provision of IT Services

Monmouth Town Council is seeking to procure a supplier to provide an IT service for Monmouth Town Council which currently employs 4 part time members of staff and has 16 councillors. A Supplier is required to provide IT services which include:

To review the current IT system and recommend any upgrades for speed, security, efficiency and business continuity.

To provide: Full monitoring of Backups, Firewalls, Virus Protection and Malware, Remote IT Support and Maintenance on a monthly basis, the appropriate licences for 4 users, with extra capacity as agreed, Network Infrastructure support on a monthly basis, the Email Exchange Online Plan 1 (Government Pricing) per month for 4 users, Secure Cloud Data Backup Per Month and to support any implementation of new technology and infrastructure as required.


For further details including more information on these services, the tendering timescales and desirable outcomes which are contained within the bidder pack, please contact


This contract is being offered for a 3 year term, with the possibility of an additional year. The deadline for returning bids is Friday 16th October 2020.