Finance and Policy

The Finance and Policy Committee currently has 12 committee members and meets on a Monday every 6 weeks. It is the committee that ensures the organisation and finances of the Town Council are efficient, open and transparent and accountable to the Council and wider public. 

The objectives of the Finance and Policy Committee are:


  • Develop the budget and propose the annual budget and precept to the Full Council
  • Set the policy framework for our work across all areas.
  • Manage standing orders.
  • Manage budgetary and financial affairs.
  • Allocate spending authority to the councils’ committees and its officers and agents.
  • Develop procedures and protocols for the smooth running of the council including procurement policies.
  • Provide support and guidance to the Town Clerk through the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson.
  • Maximise funding from elsewhere for the Council’s projects. (By obtaining match funding or grants).Act as the body to resolve grievance and disciplinary matters of staff.
  • Resolve disputes between Councillors and complaints about conduct of council affairs.
  • Develop and oversee relationships with outside organisations and partnerships


A sub committee of the Finance and Policy Committee is the Staffing Sub Committee. This sub committee deals with all staff related matters and procedures. The Chair of this sub committee is Cllr Rod Smith.

Chair of Committee: Cllr Mat Feakins



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Deputy Chair: Cllr Rod Smith



07539 851792
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