Environmental Affairs

The Environmental Affairs currently has 14 members on the committee and it meets every 6 weeks with the aim to ensure the council plays its full role in promoting the cleanliness and safety of the
town and its open spaces.

The Committee's objectives are:

  • Respond to issues with regard to the community safety, recreational or environmental issues that have an impact on the built environment or the open spaces of the town.
  • Develop the council’s approach to community safety and environmental issues.
  • Develop the council’s environmental and economic development policies including promotion of the town as a premier tourism destination.
  • Implement street decorations including Christmas lights.

The Environmental Affairs Committee supported the recent successful application to name Monmouth as a Bee Town as part of the Welsh Assembly initiative. If you would like further information about this initiative, please contact the Lead Councillor, Cllr Anthea Dewhurst.

Furthermore, the Environmental Affairs Committee set up the ACE Monmouth Working Group who focuses on the Climate Emergency and its impact on the town. The Working Group is currently organising a future festival and has been proactive in improving green spaces in Monmouth by arranging to plant more trees in the town. If you would like more information on ACE Monmouth the Lead Counclillor is Cllr Claudia Blair.

Chair of Committee: Cllr Terry Christopher


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Deputy Chair of Committee: Cllr Richard Roden


07729 717794

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