Community Affairs

There are currently 12 members of the Community Affairs Committee which meets every 6 weeks with the aim to support and strengthen community activities, participation and events.

The objectives of the Community Affairs Committee are:



  • Oversee development of the ‘social inclusion’ policies of the council with particular regard to young people, people with disabilities and older residents.
  • Oversee funding arrangements for community events including the Christmas Lantern Parade and Freedom Parades.
  • Oversee the funding arrangements for community contributions which includes contributions to the likes of Citizen's Advice Bureau and Monmouth Summer Playscheme.
  • Help develop and support existing and new community events.
  • Manage and maintain a community grants scheme/criteria with adequate criteria to support organisations that add value to the community.
  • Develop new initiatives to encourage volunteering and fund raising.
  • Help establish organisations that contribute to the economic, social well-being of the town.
  • Liaise with voluntary and statutory bodies to help develop community events and activity.
  • Maintain a list of all local interest groups for the purpose of community liaison.



Community Grants

The Community Affairs Committee support local groups and organisations through the Community Grants Scheme which has a annual budget of £34,480 for 2020/21 and £37,000 for 2021/22.

There are 2 tranches of grants to ensure that as many organisations as possible have the opportunity to apply. The first tranche ties in with the new financial year and is now open with the second tranche open in October.

Applications will be considered from organisations for projects which benefit people in Monmouth. Applications are welcome from groups and organisations across the town. Applications from national organisations having local branches may be considered, but must demonstrate that the project will be of benefit, either directly or indirectly, to communities in Monmouth. Successful projects have included Transition Monmouth's Community Fridge, Rotary Monmouth's Green Wall, Mayhem Theatre Group and Monmouth Sports Association.

The applicant will be expected to raise at least 25% of the cost of the project or the equipment through other fund-raising activities although during the COVID 19 pandemic some organisations were granted 100% of the funds as the committee understood the difficulties of fundraising during lockdown.

Please note that applications from/for the following will NOT be considered:

  • Individuals
  • Organisations seeking to promote, support or oppose any political party
  • Commercial businesses
  • Organisations seeking to promote, support or oppose any religious group
  • The scheme is not applicable to large scale construction works such as a contribution towards a new village hall.

If you are interested in applying for a Community Grant please complete the application form using the available guidance notes or send us an email should you have any questions. 

The closing date for the first tranche of grants for 2021/22 is Friday 19th March 2021


Chair of Committee: Cllr Claudia Blair


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Deputy Chair: Cllr Anthea Dewhurst


07762 468903

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